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About Us

INDIA TELEPHONE DIRECTORY located in the natural harbor City of Visakhapatnam in India's fastest growing IT hub (Andhra Pradesh). Practicing standards, the Company has been providing cost effective and quality oriented WEB ADVERTISING SOLUTIONS to the Business Houses at large.
indiatelephonedirectory.com embraces its vision and commitment for meeting the expectations of excellence.

At indiatelephonedirectory.com we have earned the confidence of thousands of businesses that trust their NEEDS to us. We are recognized for our commitment to be accessible and responsive to our customers, and will continue to strive for excellence as we grow our business.

indiatelephonedirectory.com has associated itself with one of the Best Hosting Companies in the world for all its Hosting Needs; indiatelephonedirectory.com has its own in-house team of Software Developers located in India, Visakhapatnam, for all its back end software development.

indiatelephonedirectory.com the most comprehensive Web Sites is online now; the basic idea is to cater to the home community (the home community you may call your City, state or country or the world itself) their presence on the web.

As we grow, we will have the best State of the Art Centralized Call Center where our team of knowledgeable and dedicated Service Representatives will answer to your queries over phone 24x7, no matter where you are.
You may contact indiatelephonedirectory.com at info@24x7yp.com to help us meet your requirement.

FOCUS: Our focus is YOU! With YOU, we are Powerful. We will keep to our mission statement 24x7.